In the debate about sexual orientation and gender identity, the challenges facing intersex people are often overseen.  a

A research study Human Rights between the Sexes. A preliminary study of the life of inter* individuals  focuses on the intersex people in 12 different countries all over the world.


A 2015 publication by ILGA-Europe  and Oll Europe focuses on the intersex people, namely the main problems that they face in Europe such as human rights violations, access to healthcare and violence in medical settings, education, employment, and legal recognition. It also gives an overview of different countries in Europe and their legal treatment of this particular group. It also serves a function of an intersex guide for the persons who are not familiar with intersex issue in general: Standing up for the human rights of intersex people – how can you help?

Intersex: Stories and Statistics from Australia is a 2016 survey report that elaborates on their experiences of medicalisation, institutional shaming and coercive treatment, as well as the intersex experiences with education and additional struggles such as suicidality and disability.


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