West Africa organising

Normally, we don't find a lot of information on West Africa. It is therefore very interesting to be able to share this report on the LGBTQ organising in this area. The report can be found in both English and French here.

Download the English report (36 pp) here: We Exist: Mapping LGBTQ organizing in West Africa

LGBTQ mapping WestAfrica

It's actually normal...

Sexual diversity has always been part of a normal society. Efforts should be focused on countering the stigmatisation that creates hostile and violent environments for those who are othered within heteronormative societies.

This and more in a new report: Diversity in Human Sexuality: Implications for Policy in Africa released by the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) in June 2015.

Diversity in Human Sexuality

Thorough UPR guide

Who makes sure that governments do what they promise to do about rights for LGBT people? Since 2008 the United Nations (UN) has checked human rights in every single country in the UN. All 193 countries are scrutinized every 4 years. This check system has given a voice to more and more NGO's that work for rights for LGBT people. In order to let even more NGO's make their voice heard, we have put together a little "toolbox" for NGO's wanting to express discontent with LGBT rights in their country. Read more here: Do governments keep what they promise about LGBT rights?


Working with human rights issues for LGBT people is sensitive and difficult. Good news is that you can find inspiration in two guidelines from Norway for how foreign missions can work for LGBT persons. Find both guidelines in the database under "Tools and Strategies" or click on either picture below to go directly to the publication.


norge guidelines

Norway guidelines SOGI

New report

A new report contains testimonies from LGBTI people in almost every Commonwealth country and documents widespread human rights abuses including attempted murder, beatings and harassment.

Download the report here: Speaking Out: The rights of LGBTI citizens from across the Commonwealth

Speaking out Kaleidoscope

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