Here you can find information on LGBT rights in specific countries.

LGBT Matters in Development


LGBT - lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender - issues are closely interlinked with various aspects of international development. When marginalisation and social exclusion prevent sexual and gender minorities from participating in society on equal terms, important benefits of development are lost to the individual - and to society as a whole.



Here cases and models for development cooperation will be described, including lists of potential partner NGOs


This section will be updated shortly with more case stories and best practice examples of development cooperations with an LGBT focus.

For now, please find presentations of important EU handbooks and toolkit, as well as an overview of embassy initiatives and a case story from the UK department for International Development on how to work with LGBT awareness internally.

Embassies work in promoting the rights of LGBT people

A number of embassies have in recent years improved their work for LGBT rights. This has been reflected in publishing guidelines and working programmes on how embassies should promote equal rights and non-discrimination of LGBT people.

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