Same-sex sexual activity is illegal in Sudan. The judicial system is based on the Shari'a and according to Article 148, capital punishment applies should the offense be committed either by a man or a woman. For homosexual men, lashes are given for the first offence, with the death penalty following the third offence.


Male to male relationships: Not legal

Punishments for male to male relationships: Whiplashing (first offence), Death penalty (third offence)

Female to female relationships: Not legal

Marriage and substitutes for marriage: No law


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Social climate

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LGBT organizations/networks

- Freedom Sudan: The sudanese LGBT Association (no webpage, see

Freedom Sudan is the only LGBT organization in Sudan. The organization was formed in December 2006 and their status is illegal,  therefore all their activities are carried out secretly. Freedom Sudan is an organization run by volunteers only and their main goals are: Recognition of homosexuality in Sudan, Social acceptance of homosexuality and acceptance of the rights of homosexuals in Sudan, Abrogation of the death penalty for homosexuals (Articles 148,151) and Work together with other LGBT organizations in the world for a better LGBT rights.


- A magazine called "Rainbow Sudan" has begun publishing articles discussing topics including being gay in Sudan, the history of homosexuality in the country, Islam and sexuality, being lesbian and Muslim, poetry and more.







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