LGBT rights in Zimbabwe are dominated by the fact that male same-sex sexual activity is illegal under laws which date to the Rhodesian and British colonial eras. Since 1995, the government has carried out campaigns against both homosexual men and women. Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe since 1987 recently stated that homosexuality does not belong in Zimbabwe and that it violates women's rights by denying the union of men and women needed to bear children.


Male to male relationships: Not legal

Punishments for male to male relationships: Imprisonment of less than 10 years

Female to female relationships: Legal

Marriage and substitutes for marriage: No law

More on law of Zimbabwe at ilga.org

Legal incidents and social climate

In August 2011 five men were arrested in Domboshava near Harare on allegations of being gay and committing acts of sexual immorality. (Source: ilga.org)

More on the situation for LGBT people in Zimbabwe in this report by International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission.

LGBT organizations/networks

- GALZ : The Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ) is a voluntary association, founded in 1990 for purposes of serving the needs and interests of LGBTI people in Zimbabwe and pushing for social tolerance of sexual minorities and the repeal of homophobic legislation.

GALZ was one of the first organisations in Zimbabwe to start HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns and, today, it remains unique in that it is the only organisation in the country specifically working with people who engage in same-sex sexual activity. Originally a small social club of mostly middle-class professionals, the association has grown over the years and now truly represents the broader LGBTI community in ten centres throughout Zimbabwe.



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