Information on the conditions for LGBT people in Burma is very scarce. The authoritarian nature of the government makes it difficult to obtain accurate information about the legal or social status of LGBT Burmese citizens.


Homosexuality is illegal in Burma. Same-sex relations are criminalised under the nation's colonial penal code, and although it is not strictly enforced, activists say the law is still used by authorities to discriminate and extort.

The society has in recent years been liberalized and especially the last year more rights have been given to LGBT people and in 2012 Burma held its first gay pride celebrations, in a sign of liberalising social attitudes paralleling political reforms in the formerly army-ruled nation.



Male to male relationships: Not legal

Punishments for male to male relationships: Imprisonment of less than 10 years

Female to female relationships: Legal

Marriage and substitutes for marriage: No law

More on the Bumrmese law at ilga.org


Legal incidents

In 2011 a man was stabbed to death because he was gay. (Source: ilga.org)

LGBT organizations/networks

None found as of July 2012



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