Being a LGBT person is a considered a taboo vice in parts of society of Pakistan and gay rights are close to non-existent. According to Pakistani law, homosexuality is illegal and the law has yet to be repealed. The current ban on homosexuality comes from a British colonial era law, which has been on the books since 1860, with subsequent laws further restricting LGBT-rights under the guise of protecting public morality. Due to the social disapproval towards such acts, the public tend to oppose homosexuality and other forms of alternative sexual orientation.


Male to male relationships: Not legal

Punishments for male to male relationships: Imprisonment of less than 10 years

Female to female relationships: Not legal

Marriage and substitutes for marriage: No law

Adoption: No

Gay or lesbian able to serve in the armed forces: No

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Legal incidents and social climate

Although Pakistan is officially an Islamic Republic, in practice Pakistan has mixed laws with mainly Anglo-Saxon laws inherited from the British. As a result of increasing liberalisation trends and increasing globalisation and social tolerance, there have been many public gay parties taking place in the country and such parties have been thriving for a number of years.

Traditional religious norms and cultural beliefs view homosexuality and cross-dressing negatively, and this homophobic societal attitude contributes to intolerant social behavior as well as refusal of the government, or most political groups within Pakistan, to support LGBT-rights.

Pakistan does not have civil rights laws to prohibit discrimination or harassment on the basis of real or perceived sexual orientation and there is no legal recognition of same-sex marriage or civil unions in Pakistan.

The LGBT community in Pakistan has not formally begun to campaign for LGBT-rights, but there is growing tolerance for social gatherings of gay men in the cities and in what was seen as a historical move in 2009, the Supreme Court of Pakistan ruled in favor of the civil rights of transsexual citizens.

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LGBT organizations/networks

Neengar Society is a nonpolitical secular youth lead organization dedicated to work for the rights of religious and sexual minorities. A group of sensitive & active youth gathered to identify and address the problems faced by LGBT community and religious minorities in Pakistan. They are behind the Pakistan Gay Rights Movement, whose mission it is to obtain equal rights for LGBT community of Pakistan and abolition of all the anti gay laws of PPC Paistan Penal Code Aticle 377 and 496.

Queer Pakistan  aims to act as a virtual support group for an LGBT community in Pakistan that is  on the fringes of mainstream society and has no other platform to interact with one another.



Other sources

ChuppanThe feature length documentary “Chuppan Chupai” (Hide & Seek) explores transgender activism and underground queer life in urban Pakistan by following the everyday lives of four extraordinary individuals and their constant play of ‘hide and seek’ with mainstream Pakistan where LGBT rights have yet to be recognized. Read more about the film here:

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