Tolerance for LGBT people has increased over the years due to greater education about sexual orientation and gender identity issues and the growing visibility and political activism of the LGBT community Same-sex marriages are not legally recognized and the LGBT community is not protected by any civil rights laws. Leaders of the House of Representatives have in 2012 rejected the possibility of passing a measure to legalize same-sex marriage in the Philippines.


Male to male relationships: Legal

Punishments for male to male relationships: No law

Female to female relationships: Legal

Age of consent: Equal for heterosexuals and homosexuals

Gay or lesbian able to serve in the armed forces: Yes

More on the law of the Phillipines at

Social climate

More information about LGBT people in the Philippines at or in this shadow report from 2011 by International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC). The purpose of the shadow report is to highlight the widespread and systematic human rights violations experienced by LGBT persons because of their sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI); men who have sex with men (MSM); in the Philippines despite the country’s international obligations under the covenant

LGBT organizations/networks

- GALANG Philippines:

GALANG started out as a small group of lesbian friends who were either keenly observing or actively engaged in the LGBT activist communities in the Philippines. Because the Philippines is a developing country, Galang felt it was imperative for local activists to learn more about the relationship between sexuality and poverty in order to gain ground in advocating to and for the rights of sexual minorities.

Registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission as a non-government organization (NGO) on August 29, 2008, GALANG takes pride in being a lesbian-initiated, lesbian-run feminist human rights organization that works with lesbians, bisexual women, and trans men (LBT) in urban poor communities, or women who either self-identify as lesbian or bisexual and/or have relationships with women but self-identify as heterosexual, as well as persons labeled as females at birth but self-identify as male (trans men). While our organization currently has both male and female—both gay and straight—staff and volunteer professionals, we continue to espouse and aspire for the feminist values of respect, economic justice, equality, diversity, fairness, and empowering processes at all levels of our work.

- Ladlad partylist, the world’s first and only political party for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Filipinos: 

Ladlad's members are LGBT individuals and organizations and/or heterosexual supporters. In Filipino, “magladlad” means to unfurl the cape that used to cover one’s body as a shield. It means to come out of the closet, to assert one’s human rights as equal to that of the next Filipino. Ladlad's is to protect and promote human rights and access to justice of LGBTs.



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