LGBT are oftentimes spoke of in the geopolitical and cultural context of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It remains one of the more taboo human rights issues in the region.

The Palestinian territories have no specific, stand alone civil rights legislation that protects LGBT people from discrimination or harassment. The Basic Law of the Palestinian Constitution does, however, guarantee freedom of belief and expression, freedom of bodily integrity, freedom from discrimination "because of race, sex, color, religion, political views, or disability" and protection of human rights, all of which have served the basis of campaigns for explicit LGBT rights in other countries.

 Some LGBT Palestinians have fled, legally or illegally, mostly to Israel's urban centers, like Tel Aviv, seeking tolerance there. There are some reports of LGBT Arabs and Jews having relationships, thus breaking ethnic, religious and gender-based taboos. LGBT Jews and Arabs are among the least prejudiced people in the region, as seen by the cross-cultural relationships and the fact that gay bars are often a peaceful mixture of Arabs and Jews.

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