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Country Reports

Country Reports ( 56 Files )

Information on the conditions for LGBTI minorities in specific countries from global human rights organizations and other sources.

Academic resources

Academic resources ( 1 Files )

Academic resources on LGBTI issues.

Global Surveys

Global Surveys ( 14 Files )

Comprehensive reports on the state of LGBT rights and issues worldwide.
Tools and Strategies

Tools and Strategies ( 23 Files )

Toolkits, guidelines and strategies from development agencies, embassies and global human rights institutions.
Human Rights Documents and Debate

Human Rights Documents and Debate ( 23 Files )

International resolutions, UN panel discussions and other human rights documents related to LGBT rights.
HIV, AIDS & Sexual Health

HIV, AIDS & Sexual Health ( 8 Files )

On how countries are fulfilling commitments to LGBT people in the response to HIV, AIDS & Sexual Health and Rights.

LGBT in Development Cooperation

LGBT in Development Cooperation ( 18 Files )

Reports and actions plans from national development agencys, documents on LGBT grantmaking and more.
Educational issues

Educational issues ( 7 Files )

Reports, links and magazines with speciel focus on educational issues in relation to LGBT persons.


Religion ( 7 Files )

Main perspectives concerning the intersection of religion and LGBT issues.

Refugee and Asylum issues

Refugee and Asylum issues ( 12 Files )

Guidelines and reports on international protection of LGBT refugees and asylum seekers.
Intersex issues

Intersex issues ( 5 Files )

Comprehensive reports on intersex and how issues of intersex relates to the human rights debate about sexual orientation and gender identity.

Magazines, books and films

Magazines, books and films ( 11 Files )

Here you can find more colloquial information on life as a LGBT person in the different countries where Denmark are engaged in developmental partnerships: Magazines, references to book titles, film clips or references to these.

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