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Information on the conditions for LGBTI minorities in specific countries from global human rights organizations and other sources.


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A critique of the enforcement of the laws criminalising same-sex conduct in Uganda A critique of the enforcement of the laws criminalising same-sex conduct in Uganda

Date added: 02/13/2014
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Protecting morals2013, 88 pages

This report from Ugandan organisations The Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law (CSCHRCL) and Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum (HRAPF) is a voice in the debate on the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

The laws criminalising same-sex conduct in Uganda have been in existence since Uganda became
a British protectorate late in the 19th century. No single conviction or even acquittal (indicating
a full trial) has been found in the law books in Kampala in the last five years (2007 –2011), and
arguably none has ever been recorded in Uganda’s legal history. Nevertheless, the laws are used
every day to intimidate, harass, and degrade LGBTI persons.

Violence: Through the Lens of Lesbians, Bisexual Women and Trans People in Asia Violence: Through the Lens of Lesbians, Bisexual Women and Trans People in Asia

Date added: 05/19/2014
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Through the Lens LGBT AsiaMay 2014, 248 pages (23 MB)

Lesbians, bisexual women and transgender (LBT) individuals in Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines and Sri Lanka face violence and exclusion in every sphere of their lives. This violence is fueled by laws that criminalize same-sex relations and gender non-conformity and encouraged by governments who tolerate, endorse, or directly sponsor the violent clamp-down on those who do not follow prevailing norms on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

This is the main finding from research coordinated by the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) and conducted over a two-year period by women’s rights, sexuality rights and gender rights activists based in Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines and Sri Lanka. Interviews were conducted in Japanese, English, Malay, Tamil, Urdu, Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilocano and Sinhala. The researchers uncovered high levels of family violence perpetrated against LBT individuals as well as widespread discrimination in education, health and work sectors.

The report can be downloaded in full and in different chapters covering each of the following countries: Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines and Sri Lanka from IGLHRC's website here.

Rule by Law Rule by Law

Date added: 10/16/2014
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Rule by Law96 pages, October 2014

From Amnesty International comes "Rule by Law: Discriminatory Legislation and Legitimized Abuses in Uganda." This report documents the human rights impact of three pieces of legislation: the Public Order Management Act, the Anti-Pornography Act, and the Anti-Homosexuality Act: in particular, the impact that these laws have had on the ability of civil society to organise, on discrimination against women, and on the lives of people who are or are believed to be LGBTI.

Cameroon fact-finding report 2015 Cameroon fact-finding report 2015

Date added: 06/12/2015
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Cameroon 2015Februar 2015, 36 pages

This joined report deplore that threats and physical assaults against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersexual (LGBTI) human rights defenders in Cameroon have reached alarming proportions over the last few years.

The testimonies and analyses gathered during the fact-finding mission reflected an environment marked by overall insecurity and intimidation against health rights and LGBTI rights defenders, in a context of criminalisation of homosexuality.

The report is published by The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, (a joint FIDH-OMCT programme), together with MDHC, REDHAC and AMSHeR.

Situation of LGBT people in Uganda Situation of LGBT people in Uganda

Date added: 07/01/2015
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Situation of LGBT persons in Uganda2014, 103 pages.

This joint report from the Danish Immigration Service’s and the Danish Refugee Council’s fact finding mission to Kampala, Uganda from 16 to 25 June 2013, describes the situation of LGBT people in Uganda.


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