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Information on the conditions for LGBTI minorities in specific countries from global human rights organizations and other sources.


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“We’ll show you you’re a woman” “We’ll show you you’re a woman”

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Violence and discrimination against black lesbians and transgender men in South Africa (2011).

The constitution of South Africa in 1996 was the first in the world to include provisions of non-discrimination based on sexual orientation, however LGBT people in South Africa continue to face hostility and violence.

South_Africa_Human_Rights_Watch_-_coverSocial surveys demonstrate a wide gap between the ideals of the constitution and public attitudes toward such individuals. Negative public attitudes towards homosexuality go hand in hand with a broader pattern of discrimination, violence, hatred, and extreme prejudice against people known or assumed to be LGBT or those who violate gender and sexual norms in appearance or conduct (such as women playing soccer, dressing in a masculine manner, and refusing to date men). Constitutional protections are greatly weakened by the state’s failure to adequately enforce them.

This report documents discrimination and abuse against black lesbians, transgender men, and individuals who, while born female, do not conform to feminine gender norms and expectations. These individuals and groups experience discrimination, harassment, and violence at the hands of private individuals and sometimes state agents. HRW stress that the South African government has to take immediate steps to honor its promise of equality, non-discrimination, and a life of dignity for lesbians, gay men, and bisexual and transgender people; failing to do so betrays the constitution, imperiling the rights of all South Africans.

“These Political Games Ruin Our Lives”: Indonesia’s LGBT Community Under Threat “These Political Games Ruin Our Lives”: Indonesia’s LGBT Community Under Threat

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indonesia lgbt0816 reportcover web 1

2016, 91 pages

A 2016 report by Human Rights Watch documents the rise in anti-LGBT rhetoric in Indonesia, as well as the threats and violent attacks on LGBT NGOs, activists, and individuals, primarily by militant Islamists. It includes 70 in-depth interviews with sexual and gender minorities and human rights activists in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, cities in South Sulawesi, cities in Sumatra, and cities in Aceh.

When Coming Out is a Death Sentence: Persecution of LGBT Iraqis When Coming Out is a Death Sentence: Persecution of LGBT Iraqis

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2014, 24 pages

Despite the difficulty of securing interviews with
LGBT individuals in areas under the Islamic State’s
control, this 2014 publication focuses on the case studies of LGBT Iraqis and concludes that this target group is highly likely to be at imminent risk of death, which goes in correlation with  research and analysis by the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission and MADRE.


We Exist: Mapping LGBTQ organizing in West Africa We Exist: Mapping LGBTQ organizing in West Africa

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LGBTQ mapping WestAfrica2016, 36 pages

This report is a result of a group of funders and activists driven by the wish to create a bilingual fund managed and led by West African LGBTQ activists.

Therefore, an exploratory and participatory process was undertaken to enable activists, funders, and allies to map the state of LGBTQ organizing in West Africa and gather data to help determine the appropriate initial structure and priorities of the fund.

We are a buried generation. Discrimination and violence against sexual minorities in Iran We are a buried generation. Discrimination and violence against sexual minorities in Iran

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Human Rights Watch Report (2010) documenting discrimination and violence against LGBT persons in Iran.

We_are_buried_generationHuman Rights Watch analyzed these abuses within the context of systematic human rights violations perpetrated by the Iranian government against its citizens generally, including arbitrary arrests and detentions, invasions of privacy, mistreatment, torture of detainees, and the lack of due process and fair trial standards. HRW calls on the Iranian government to abolish the laws and other legislation under the Islamic Penal Code that criminalize consensual same-sex conduct, especially those that impose the death penalty, and to cease the harassment, arrest, detention, prosecution, and conviction of LGBT persons or persons who engage in consensual same-sex conduct.

At least the report calls on other states and the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees to implement policies and recommendations to safeguard the rights of Iran’s vulnerable LGBT refugees and asylum seekers.

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