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Information on the conditions for LGBTI minorities in specific countries from global human rights organizations and other sources.


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Outsider Citizen: Landscape Analysis of the Human Rights of Sex Workers and LGBTI People in Ethiopia 2014-2015. Outsider Citizen: Landscape Analysis of the Human Rights of Sex Workers and LGBTI People in Ethiopia 2014-2015.

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Analysis LGBT Ethiopia2015, 31 pages

This report by the East African Sexual Health and Rights Initiative maps the political, social, legal and organisational landscape of sex workers and LGBT people in Ethiopia. It further describes the lived realities of these people and offers recommendations on the way forward to strengthening the human rights situation in the country for the sex workers and LGBTI communities.

Pambazuka: Pan-African News on LGBT Pambazuka: Pan-African News on LGBT

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Pambazuka News offers news, analyses and debate on LGBTI issues in Africa. Produced by a pan-African community of academics, policy makers, social activists, commentators and others, it is an influential web forum for social justice in Africa. Pambazuka News also publishes podcasts, videocasts and books.

Perspectives - Struggle for Equality Perspectives - Struggle for Equality

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perspectives_imagePolitical analysis and commentary from Africa (2010).

Over the past couple of years, there has not been a shortage of examples of human rights violations of LGBTI persons throughout the continent. The violations have been perpetrated by both state and non-state actors. The violations vary from the denial of basic rights to, in some extreme cases, physical violence against LGBTI people and sometimes even death. Some states have taken efforts to strengthen criminal laws by increasing penalties or broadening the list of offences that LGBTI people can be charged under.

Current and former heads of state continue to make statements condemning same sex relations. Various religious formations have also taken the opportunity to oppose same sex relationships. There are currently 38 countries on the continent that actively criminalise same sex intimacy and, while not expressly criminalised in other countries, other laws, like vagrancy or public nuisance laws, can be used to prosecute and persecute LGBTI individuals and groups.

In 6 articles, this publication covers different aspects of LGBTI activism in Africa, including experiences from Nigeria, Zimbabwe and South Africa. The message is that despite the myriad of challenges and hostile environment there is an ongoing engagement and growing movement towards equality for LGBTI people throughout the continent.

Research on The Lived Experiences of Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer Women in Kenya Research on The Lived Experiences of Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer Women in Kenya

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LBQ women in Kenya2016, 43 pages

This report from GALCK explores the lived experiences of LBQ women in Kenya. Qualitative research has been carried out in three major towns, and the study provides insight into the scope and experiences of everyday and structural violence facing these women.

The study thus points to where LGBT organisations in Kenya can fine-tune their interventions, and also points out new avenues for strengthening the Kenyan LGBT movement.

Rule by Law Rule by Law

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Rule by Law96 pages, October 2014

From Amnesty International comes "Rule by Law: Discriminatory Legislation and Legitimized Abuses in Uganda." This report documents the human rights impact of three pieces of legislation: the Public Order Management Act, the Anti-Pornography Act, and the Anti-Homosexuality Act: in particular, the impact that these laws have had on the ability of civil society to organise, on discrimination against women, and on the lives of people who are or are believed to be LGBTI.

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