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Gender, Sexuality and Social Justice: What's Law Got to Do with It? Gender, Sexuality and Social Justice: What's Law Got to Do with It?

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Whats Law Got To Do with ItMarch 2016, 156 pages.

This collection from the Institue of Development Studies Sexuality, Poverty and Law programme offers multiple routes to sexuality and gender justice and numerous suggestions of what sexuality and gender justice could be in a plurality of contexts. It also suggests that there are many potential pitfalls and barriers to justice or progress.

From activists working with women in Assam’s tea gardens in India or young lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender leaders in Vietnam, to lawyers fighting the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda or the criminalisation of cross-dressing in Malaysia, to academics carefully re-reading Islamic Sharia or researchers assessing HIV prevention programmes in South Africa, the contributors to this collection have first-hand knowledge and experience of the complexities of gender, sexuality and social justice.

Love, hate and the law - decriminalizing homosexuality Love, hate and the law - decriminalizing homosexuality

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Cover_of_Amnesty_Report_Love_Hate_and_the_LawIn this report from 2008, Amnesty International surveys legislation on LGBT matters worldwide and offers insight into criminalization of especially homosexuality.

In 76 countries homosexual acts are forbidden, and five countries still sentence homosexuals to death in 2008. The report includes an appendix on countries with death penalties for consensual same sex-relations.

SexPolitics. Reports from the Front Lines SexPolitics. Reports from the Front Lines

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SexPoliticsSPW2004, 214 pages

SexPolitics - Reports from the Front Lines is the outcome of a project launched by Sexuality Policy Watch (SPW) in 2004: a transnational, cross-cultural research initiative that was meant to capture some dynamics of sexual politics in our time. Research was performed in eight countries - Brazil, Egypt, India, Peru, Poland, South Africa, Turkey, and Vietnam - and in relation to two global institution, the United Nations and the World Bank.

The case studies reflect great differences in theme and emphasis, some focusing more on HIV/AIDS, some on reproductive health, some on issues of gender and sexual identity. Yet common threads have clearly emerged from the research outcomes. Firstly, local and the global sexual politics dynamics are always intertwined. Secondly sexual politics are always on some level about power and, everywhere, attempts to destabilize traditional gender and sexual relations will threaten established political, religious and familial hierarchies. Last but not least the cases reveal that both research and political activism is needed to furthering an agenda of change that brings together social justice and erotic justice.

Sexual orientation, gender identity and justice Sexual orientation, gender identity and justice

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SOGI and justiceSexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Justice: A Comparative Law Casebook is a collection from 2011 of domestic court cases addressing legal issues relating to sexual orientation and gender identity. 

It presents more than one hundred judicial decisions from every region of the world and analyzes the role of international and comparative law in cases involving such topics as the criminalisation of sexual conduct, gender expression and cross-dressing, employment discrimination, freedom of religion and non-discrimination, and partnership benefits and recognition.  It is the first book of its kind.

Altogether, the Casebook consists of 108 cases, from 41 countries across a variety of regions, covering a span of more than forty years. The vast majority of decisions, nevertheless, date from the past decade. The pace of change is clearly accelerating.

The Comparative Law Casebook should be of use to human rights activists, legal practitioners, judges and students who seek to use the law to vindicate rights.

Speaking Out: The rights of LGBTI citizens from across the Commonwealth Speaking Out: The rights of LGBTI citizens from across the Commonwealth

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Speaking out Kaleidoscope2013, 83 pages

Testimonies from LGBTI people in almost every Commonwealth country contained in the Speaking Out report reveal widespread human rights abuses including attempted murder, beatings and harassment.

Drawing on contributions from more than 20 LGBTI human rights organisations, and published by LGBT human rights charity the Kaleidoscope Trust, the report demands the Commonwealth take action on a wholesale abuse of human rights it has stubbornly ignored. Homosexuality is still illegal in 41 of the 53 Commonwealth member states.


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