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Trans and intersex people Trans and intersex people

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picture_eu_reportDiscrimination on the grounds of sex, gender identity and gender expression (2012).

This report addresses complex issues related to discrimination on the grounds of gender identity and gender expression, as well as discrimination on grounds of sex vis-à-vis intersex people. The report also clarifies the definitions used in the context of trans discrimination, and the terms used by the community to represent the diversity within it. This study also extensively examines the influence of EU law, including case law, on trans discrimination and provides case studies of national legislation and case-law on gender identity and gender expression discrimination of some Member States where there are promising approaches which can and should serve as models for others to follow.

The vicious circle of violence: Trans and gender-diverse people, migration, and sex work The vicious circle of violence: Trans and gender-diverse people, migration, and sex work

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2017, 24 pages

The focus of this report is on trans and gender-diverse sex workers, who make up 62 per cent of the reported killing of trans and gender-diverse people whose profession is known. It is an attempt to further contextualise the data gathered since 2008 from a systemic violence perspective, utilising much needed community-based violence documentation and research carried out in recent years in local contexts and on an international level.

Most Impacted, Least Served: Ensuring the Meaningful Engagement of Transgender People in Global Fund Processes Most Impacted, Least Served: Ensuring the Meaningful Engagement of Transgender People in Global Fund Processes

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most impacted

2016, 26 pages

A 2016 report by the IRGT: A Global Network of Transgender Women and HIV focuses on the transgender women who are  disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS and yet are often excluded from policy, program and funding decisions at national, regional and global levels. Transgender people are likewise at elevated risk of facing stigma, discrimination, and repressive laws and policies that increase their vulnerability to HIV infection and reduce their access to care and treatment services. This report examines  relevant literature and identifies key themes through semi-structured interviews with transgender community activists, civil society organization representatives, and officials from the Global Fund and other major HIV donors.


Mapping digital trans activism in Eastern Europe & Central Asia Mapping digital trans activism in Eastern Europe & Central Asia

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Mapping digital trans activism2018, 40 pages

A mapping by Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice and Transgender Europe (TGEU) analyzes trans activism in this region in relation to the patterns of digital usage, barriers to free and safe use of the internet, holistic security threats, and resistance strategies to homo/transphobic-motivated censorship, surveillance, and online attacks.

The report includes recommendations to funders, advocates and social media companies, encouraging them to defend and uphold trans rights, and work towards ensuring holistic security for trans activism. This useful advocacy tool also sheds light on the impact of the closing of civil society spaces on trans activism, and the devastating effect that attacks on freedom of expression have on activists in Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

License to be Yourself License to be Yourself

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License to be yourself

May 2014, 54 pages

License to Be Yourself documents some of the world’s most progressive and rights-based laws and policies that enable trans people to change their gender identity on official documents. It shares strategies that activists have successfully used in a variety of global and legal contexts, and features case studies from Argentina, Australia, Hong Kong, Kenya, Ukraine, and the United States.

This report is a resource for activists working on human rights issues for trans people, local communities examining best laws and policies, and policymakers seeking to uphold the rights of trans people.

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