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Toolkit for Schools Toolkit for Schools

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GALE school toolkit2011, 98 pages.

GALE Toolkit Working with Schools 1.0. Tools for school consultants, principals, teachers, students and parents to integrate adequate attention of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender topics in curricula and school policies.

Until now, it is very rare to see mainstream organizations focus on LGBT issues in schools. Most initiatives to improve our schools are initiated by LGBT grass roots organizations or professional organizations which are rooted in the LGBT movements. That is why this version of the toolkit focuses in part on suggestions for activist organizations on how to access schools. However, just 'dropping' information and model curricula in schools and hoping school will use them, usually does not work. To make sure the tools for schools are tuned into the needs and possibilities of a school, and of an adequate quality to ensure a significant effect, we need to work with the schools themselves. It is this LGBT & straight collaboration we are focusing with in this toolkit.

The toolkit has five parts:
1. Project implementation tools
2. Tools for managers and authorities
3. Tools for staff
4. Tools for students
5. Tools for parents

Skirt? Nope, not for me. Sexual and gender self-determination for children and youth in alternative care settings. Skirt? Nope, not for me. Sexual and gender self-determination for children and youth in alternative care settings.

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LGBTIQ childrens rights2016, 38 pages

Eliminating discrimination against LGBTI children at risk of losing parental care or who already lost parental care requires a broad-based response including civil society, governments and international bodies. "Skirt? – Nope, not for me!" from Dreilinden gGmbH opens up the topic from different angles, presents examples of good beginning practice, and lists up to date ressources and studies for further reading.

Out in The Open Out in The Open

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Out in the Open

2016, 60 pages

Violence in schools and other educational settings is a global problem, and students who are perceived not to conform to prevailing sexual and gender norms, including those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex (LGBTI), are more vulnerable.

This global report from UNESCO focuses on the nature, scope and impact of violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression in educational settings, and of current actions. It provides education-sector stakeholders with a framework for planning and implementing effective responses to this type of school-related gender-based violence, as part of wider efforts to prevent and address violence in schools.

Education Sector Responses to Homophobic Bullying Education Sector Responses to Homophobic Bullying

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Education sector responsesThis 64-page publication from 2012 is part of a Good Policy and Practice series that addresses key themes of UNESCO’s work with the education sector including HIV and AIDS and safe, healthy educational environments for all learners.

The volume of good policies and practices fills a need that teachers, administrators, policy makers, and other education stakeholders have, by providing practical guidance on how to respond to homophobic bullying to make education safer.

There are many challenges involved in addressing homophobic bullying, especially in contexts where homosexuality is a sensitive issue or is illegal. However, there are entry points, such as policies and interventions that address violence and bullying in educational settings, which provide opportunities to address homophobic bullying.

The examples put forth come from a wide range of global contexts demonstrating that it is possible to address homophobic bullying in and through schools everywhere.

Diversity in School Diversity in School

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Diversity in school2012, 72 pages

Diversity in School offers training on gender, sexuality, and ethnic (race) relations for teaching professionals. Reducing discrimination by improving understanding of gender, sexual, ethnic and racial diversity is of central importance to the creation of a positive school learning environment.

This English language abridged version includes four modules. Topics addressed include cultural diversity and ethnocentrism; gender diversity; sexuality and sexual orientation; and ethnic inequality. The first introductory module familiarizes the reader with diversity as a core concept. Each of the following modules is divided into three sections. The first section introduces a general concept; the second one addresses that concept in
the school environment, and the third section provides classroom activities to share Diversity in School with students.

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