Main perspectives concerning the intersection of religion and LGBT issues.


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Islam and sexual diversity Islam and sexual diversity

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Islam and sexual diversity2013, 20 pages

Paper published by Apcom, the Asia Pacific Coalition on Male Sexual Health.

This discussion paper examines why Islam matters in preventing HIV, what
Islam and Muslim scholars say about MSM and transgender people, as well as
how this impacts on the lives of MSM and transgender people and their access
to health services. Muslim MSM were interviewed to provide some anecdotes
for the discussion paper, and desk-based research was undertaken. It provides
a number of recommendations aimed at human rights organisations, human
rights defenders, gender activists, policy makers, Islamic scholars and Islamic


Christian Role Models Christian Role Models

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christian role models2015, 48 pages

From Stonewall, UK, comes this compelling booklet, which tells the compelling stories of 20 very different people from around the world, each of whom has found a different view of Christianity from the hostile stance toward LGBT people that is common among conservative Christians.

The book focuses on the experiences of Christians from across the world. Their backgrounds and religious traditions are all different: some are priests, some are in relationships, some have been imprisoned. Some of the people in this book identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans, and others are the staunchest of allies. But what they all share is a belief that God is love and acceptance.

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