Details for Fremstillinger af seksuelle minoriteter i Ugandas skrevne presse

Name:Fremstillinger af seksuelle minoriteter i Ugandas skrevne presse

Abstract in English: page 159-161. This study (in Danish) examines how sexual minorities are being constructed discursively in the Ugandan English press and how this construction affects social practice (2011).

The starting point for this research has been the Anti?Homosexuality Bill presenting the Ugandan Parliament on October 14, 2009 proposing the death penalty for “aggravated homosexuality”. The bill is part of a social practice in Uganda characterised by widespread poverty, political corruption, strong Christian beliefs and a largely negative attitude towards homosexuality. The critical perspective suggests that the assignment of mainly negative meaningsand mythical representation is articulated and distributed through the English language press in Uganda.

Thus, the study indicates that parts of the discourse practice reaffirms perceptions of sexual minorities dominating the social sphere partly due to structural and social concerns.The study also points to that the mythical representation supports and gives sense to certain actions in the social sphere e.g. The anti?homosexuality bill.

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