Details for Education Sector Responses to Homophobic Bullying

Name:Education Sector Responses to Homophobic Bullying

Education sector responsesThis 64-page publication from 2012 is part of a Good Policy and Practice series that addresses key themes of UNESCO’s work with the education sector including HIV and AIDS and safe, healthy educational environments for all learners.

The volume of good policies and practices fills a need that teachers, administrators, policy makers, and other education stakeholders have, by providing practical guidance on how to respond to homophobic bullying to make education safer.

There are many challenges involved in addressing homophobic bullying, especially in contexts where homosexuality is a sensitive issue or is illegal. However, there are entry points, such as policies and interventions that address violence and bullying in educational settings, which provide opportunities to address homophobic bullying.

The examples put forth come from a wide range of global contexts demonstrating that it is possible to address homophobic bullying in and through schools everywhere.

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