Details for Services under Siege: The Impact of Anti-LGBT Violence on HIV Programs

Name:Services under Siege: The Impact of Anti-LGBT Violence on HIV Programs

2015, 41 pages

From the Global Forum on MSM & HIV comes this  policy brief focusing on the connection between anti-LGBT violence and HIV, attempting to convey a sense of the frequency of these attacks, their exceptional brutality, and their impact on HIV prevention and treatment services.

Due to their increased visibility, LGBT rights defenders and service providers are at increased risk for violent attacks. Not only are these incidents violations of basic human rights, they have a devastating impact on HIV services for LGBT populations.

Taken together, the evidence makes a powerful argument that efforts to prevent, mitigate, and document anti-LGBT violence are indispensable to all HIV-related work. Not only are HIV funders ethically obligated to protect the safety of frontline activists and service providers, their support of anti-violence measures is essential for securing provision of and access to HIV services for LGBT people.

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