Details for World AIDS Day 2015: Focus on location and population

Name:World AIDS Day 2015: Focus on location and population

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From UAIDS comes this World AIDS Day report, containing more than 50 examples from all over the world of how countries are getting on the Fast-Track to end AIDS by 2030. It shows how governments are working with community groups and international partners to scale up health and social services that put people at the centre and located where they can do more people more good.

The report shows that areas with fewer numbers of people living with HIV and lower HIV prevalence are more likely to have discriminatory attitudes than areas that have more cases of HIV. This seemingly contradictory result is explained by education and understanding about HIV usually being higher in countries where HIV is more prevalent and where more people are receiving treatment. However, these discriminatory attitudes make it more difficult for people in low-prevalence areas to come forward to seek HIV services for fear of stigma and reprisals.

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