Details for Social perception survey on lesbian, gay, and bisexual rights

Name:Social perception survey on lesbian, gay, and bisexual rights

Nigeria2017, 19 pages

The survey gathers Nigerians perception on Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual. The survey is the third in series of LGB poll conducted by NOIPOLLs. The first was conducted in 2013 and the second was conducted in 2015 and this section present findings from the 2017 polls and where necessary, it draws comparison with early polls. The poll revealed that the 91 % of Nigerians do not believe that people are born homosexual, indicating that there is little belief in scientific and genetic justification or explanations. The survey also shows that 9 in 10 adult Nigerians are in support of the 2014 Same-Sex Marriage Prohiition Act (SSMPA). The survey includes a random nationwide sampling of 2,000 interviewed respondents.

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