Scotland: A Study of NGOs Working in Refugee Communities

sanctuary_pictureThe lack of knowledge about LGBT asylum seekers and refugees in NGOs has received particular attention in Scotland in a 2011 report by the equality network Bemis and Gramnet. It shows that some voluntary sector organisations working with asylum seekers and refugees in Scotland do not see LGBT asylum as a core part of their work and those organisations already doing work are struggling to cope within existing resources. Little work has been done at a community level to challenge homophobia or transphobia within refugee communities.


Most importantly the report calls for a system that actively celebrates providing sanctuary to those fleeing persecution and has a support system in place built around concepts of fairness, dignity and respect. This can only be achieved by bringing more people together to support LGBT asylum seekers/refugees and to create links between organisations, lawyers, academics and activists already working in the fields of equality and human rights.


Source: Equality network Bemis and GRAMnet