An Activist’s Guide to The Yogyakarta Principles (2010)

Activist_guide_to_Yogyakarta_Principles_-_coverAn introduction to the Yogyakarta Principles, this guide aims to encourage their use and their promotion. It is targeted primarily at activists working with LGBTI issues, but is also of interest to others engaged in the promotion of human rights: grassroots human rights defenders, national equality bodies, lawyers, NGOs, and others.

Structured in four sections, where especially the third section - a collection of case studies illustrating the impact of the Yogyakarta principles - is very interesting. Here you find examples on how to challenge oppressive legal standards, develop new government policy, seek a more responsive government, educate the public and build a movement. One example described is how human rights training for lesbians and transgender women in Lebanon helped them mobilize a strong movement.

See An Activist’s Guide to The Yogyakarta Principles



demanding credibilityDemanding Credibility and Sustaining Activism: A Guide to Sexuality-based Advocacy (2008)

This publication from Global Rights is a broad combination of strategies, stories and other resources related to LGBT rights. It provides detailed background guidance, practical information and educational tools to help activists around the world more consistently. Also the guide discusses how to incorporate sexual rights into advocacy efforts, design and deliver new programming around sexuality-related rights issues, explore new methods of engaging in human rights work, and strengthen alliances and coalition efforts. Chapters include useful resource lists of relevant reports and materials.

The guide offers inspirational examples of successful tools in local, national, and international efforts to address sexual rights. For example how a fact finding report from Bangalore in India has proven to be an extremely useful advocacy tool, helping to make issues of sexual orientation and gender identity more respectable.

Demanding Credibility and Sustaining Activism: A Guide to Sexuality-based Advocacy