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There are numerous sources of information on life as a LGBT(I) person in the different countries where Denmark are engaged in developmental partnerships: Magazines, references to book titles, film clips or references to these. And at we have started to include these in our resources. Read about for example the newest issue of Qzine - African’s only magazine of LGBTI arts and culture. Find them in our extensive database of resources.

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Within a Development Agency

For organisations working in international development, awareness of LGBT perspectives are not only relevant in cooperations with global partners. A lot can be done internally in the workplace.

The UK department for International Development (DFID) have worked actively with visibility of LGBT issues through different campaigns both externally and internally.


Activities include:


  • The production of a DVD on sexual orientation used for team building events and at team away days.
  • The celebration of the Gay History Month in the UK in February 2009 which marked the importance of diversity and equality in the workplace.
  • A poster campaign in partnership with the LGBT Network. A poster was designed to raise awareness of sexual orientation equality in the workplace. Displayed in all DFID offices in the UK and overseas, the poster was successful in creating discussion and awareness around LGBT issues. The focus of the campaign was valuing diversity and challenging homophobic behaviour in the workplace.
  • Contributing to a sponsorship of a float for the Civil Service Rainbow Alliance (CSRA), participating in the London Pride march.

Read about the campaign on page 10-11 in the annual diversity report


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